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Community Involvement

Community Involvements:

Every day I am continually blessed by my family, friends and community. As my gift, I continue to give my time, energy and financial resources back to our community.  A percentage of every sale goes to helping an individual, group or nonprofit organization get back on its feet so they can continue to play it forward.  Diana

Disaster Relief Team Member, American Red Cross
The Red Cross is an incredible organization that responds to help people affected by disasters.  Whether it is a single family home fire to flooding and hurricanes, the Red Cross is present, providing food, clothing, shelter, health and mental health services.  The Red Cross is not a government agency but depends on individual and corporate funds to exist.  Donate today to help this remarkable agency to continue helping our community.

Past Board Member, Open Inn
Open Inn is a non-profit organization that supports over 12,000 homeless youths and has been in existence since 1974.  Open Inn’s mission is to empower children, youth and families to experience and develop self-worth.

Past Director, Central Arizona Water Conservation District
Elected by the voters of Pima County in 2002 for a six-year term to be a Board Member to Central Arizona Water Conservation District also refered to as CAP. CAP is the largest renewable water source in central Arizona, delivering over 1.5M acre feet a year.

Co-founder and Past Board Member, Marana Arts Council
We know that to live full lives, all people need opportunities to experience, appreciate, create, and reflect upon art. With this vision, the community officially recognized the Marana Arts Council in January of 2001. We believe the arts build communities, impact the business climate by building a strong economic base, and play a meaningful role in improving the lives of everyone. Art inspires learning and achievement, improves observational skills and perception, and helps children with multiple learning styles to excel in school.

Co-founder, Tucson Quarter Midget Association
This racing environment is about children and family. A Quarter Midget car is a scaled-down version of an actual midget racer, approximately 1/4 scale. It’s a kid’s (5-16 years old) racing sport that involves the entire family. The children learn sportsmanship, develop coordination, a sense of timing and the ability to plan ahead. Kids learn to play hard and also learn that rules must be observed. The program helps the drivers gain self-reliance, confidence and self-esteem while learning respect for themselves and others. Once the green flag has dropped, they are on their own. It is a life learning experience!

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