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I was very blessed the day I met my Realtor, Diana Kai. Not only is Diana very knowledgeable about real estate in Tucson and the surrounding area, she genuinely cares about helping her clients find a house the best suits their needs. Diana took the time to get to know me and my family, which enabled her to find a house that fit us perfectly.

To my surprise, it only took a couple months. Not only is our house just the right size with a wonderful back yard, it is in the neighborhood and school district we had hoped for. My family and I love our new home, and are truly grateful to Diana for finding it for us.


Diana played an instrumental part in the purchase of our home. Diana does a great job at asking you questions to gauge what you are looking for in a home. She also brought up other questions that we had not originally thought about. Bringing those questions up earlier in the process made our final decision much easier.

Her commitment was evident by the distance she traveled to help us purchase our home in Phoenix, while she is located in Tucson. Our home buying experience was extremely pleasant, and we knew that Diana always had our best interest in mind.

We love our new home!

James & Lisa

I have worked with many a real estate agent before but never have I encountered one such as Diana Kai.

My situation was extremely complex. Like thousands of American’s, I found myself without a job. Realizing there were no jobs to be had I made the decision to return to school as a full time student. Out of financial desperation I took it upon myself to sell my house hoping I could save money. Needless to say, this only added more stress upon an already stressful situation, which in hindsight turned out to be a huge mistake.

After engaging several potential buyers a contract was written. A month later my worst nightmare came true. When closing day finally came the buyers were in breach of contract and refused to come up with the down payment. Now, even more desperate than before, I didn’t know who to turn to for advise. A friend of mine recommended I call Diana and assured me she could help.

I explained to Diana that my financial situation was critical and I needed every penny from the sale of my house to keep me from bankruptcy. Not only did Diana assure me of a quick, hassle free sale, but also arranged to sell my home with minimal costs to me. My story has a happy ending thanks to Diana. My house sold in less than 24 hours for the full asking price. She handled even the smallest of details and remained in close contact with everyone involved to make certain we would close without any problems, and we did.

There are no words to express my heartfelt thanks for Diana’s professional competence and kindness. She truly went above and beyond the call of duty to make an agonizing situation seem effortless. I highly recommend Diana Kai not only because she takes her work very seriously, but even more so as she is a professional with a heart.


Dear Diana,

Kathy and I wanted to thank you for all the help and guidance you gave in the home buying process. Your step-by-step explanations made the process easy, even for a family on a tight budget. Kathy was especially happy with the time you took to listen to her wants and desires about the type of house we would buy. Your understanding of the complete home buying process, your ability to negotiate for our best interests, and your representation of our welfare saved us thousands of dollars. On top of that, you took the time needed to find the right house for our needs and financial situation. You were not just a realtor, but also our personal representative in the real estate market. I will recommend you to anyone needing a realtor to buy or sell their home.

Our many thanks,

Chris and Kathy

It is with great pleasure that I was able to work with and purchase my home with Diana’s help. She went beyond any expectations I had of a Realtor. I felt she took the time to truly listen to both what I was saying I wanted in a home, as well as noting what I intuitively was drawn to in styles as she presented each home for my review.

This home purchase was a particularly difficult move; it was a short notice job transfer and required my remaining in Washington while my husband was beginning his new position in Tucson. Diana not only took the extra time to work with Jerry, but she always included me in their search, sent pictures almost daily of the homes they felt I might like and made me feel I was as much a part of the process as if I were actually present. I felt confident she had my best interest at heart. She never gave up; even when there were times we both thought the home we wanted was not available. She knew exactly what we wanted and pressed forward positively and cheerfully, keeping our stress levels in check.

Jerry was particularly thankful that Diana willingly worked with the very limited times he had available to search for a home. His new job demands did not allow typical hours of searching and she accommodated his needs without fail.

After we found the home we wanted to purchase, she again excelled at making the process pain free. We had taken the time to be pre- qualified with the current lender of our Washington home. Diana, always seeking the best for her clients, recommended a local lender, walked all of the paperwork through for us and we were able to save money on our closing costs and received better service than we received from our own lender. No matter what questions we had during the purchasing process, Diana was always there with the answer… ..the right answer and the best advantage for us as consumers.

She guided us so we were able to make a bid on the home that saved us thousands of dollars without going through multiple biddings. Each step was made easier, went smoothly and quickly as moving to Arizona as soon as possible was crucial to keep us from having to place our home furnishings in storage and pay exorbitant storage fees.

Jerry’s job did not allow him to take time to complete the purchase process. Diana was there for us again, willing to accept Power of Attorney and the responsibility of closing on the new house so we were able to close on our home in Washington. This made it possible to close both house in a short window of opportunity.

Once we actually made the move into our home, Diana was there to see that all went well. She arranged for carpets to be cleaned, door locks to be changed and of course her ever present smile made us feel welcomed in our new Tucson home. We are both prior military and have probably experienced more moves than the average family. We have never experienced such a smooth, pleasant, professional and friendly move. Diana is the reason our move was picture perfect and we were able to enjoy our transfer to Tucson.

I will highly recommend Diana to anyone I ever know is searching for a home. She is the best realtor we have ever worked with.

Jerry and Judy

Our family was very satisfied with the realty service that we received from Diana Kai. A friend who was happy with their home buying experience referred us to her and we have gladly given her name to several of our friends.

Diana exceeded our expectations with her professionalism and real estate savvy.  But what sets her apart from other realtors in our experience is her ability to listen to what we need and what we want and provide us with well researched and well timed home choices.

Buying a home can be stressful and time consuming. I can honestly say that working with Diana was a joy and resulted in the perfect home for our family.

Nina and Jim

Diana Kai is a beautiful person and a great realtor. Her personable and friendly manner, along with a great sense of humor, makes house-buying a pleasure. She matches your needs with what’s out there on the market and doesn’t push houses not meeting the buyer’s criteria, to make a sale. Diana is the first person who comes to mind when one of my friend’s is house-hunting.


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