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Accredited Buyers Agent (ABR)

Accredited Buyer's Agent (ABR) What is an Accredited Buyer Representative and why do you need one?

Most people begin their home search by driving around neighborhoods, looking at the exterior of the homes, then calling the agent on the For Sale sign.

Did you know you are calling an agent that represents the Seller? That agent is legally bound to represent the seller only. The seller’s agent has a contractual responsibility to get the highest price and the best terms for the seller.

Why you need an Accredited Buyers Agent?

If you are a buyer, you need someone to represent you, someone who will be fully committed to your best interests. You need an Accredited Buyer Representative.

At Kai Realty, our Accredited Buyers Agent (ABR) professional designation was achieved through a process developed by the National Association of Realtors. This process includes sophisticated education, testing, and submittal of evidence in acting as an unaccredited buyer’s agent in multiple transactions. Less than 1 in 500 real estate agents have earned the ABR professional designation.

An Accredited Buyer Representative owes the following duties to their homebuyer:

  • Complete loyalty
  • Disclosure of all known facts
  • Accountability
  • Confidentiality
  • Reasonable Care and Diligence
  • Obedience to lawfully instructions

Arizona state law, the Realtors Code of Ethics, and general principles of agency law define these responsibilities.

In addition, Kai Realty commits to 100% of our buyers by protecting their interest when dealing with escrow officers, mortgage lenders, home inspectors, builders and negotiate on our clients behalf which leads to savings in time and money.

This is very important when a buyer is looking at new construction. By no means sign in or register at a new home site without an Accredited Buyer’s Agent. You will lose all representation! The on site salesperson always represents the builder.

Does it cost anything to use an Accredited Buyer’s Agent? No, the fee is normally paid by the seller, costing the buyer nothing.

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