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Corona de Tucson Homes for Sale in Corona de Tucson.  These days, this settlement is just a number of miles southeast of the Tucson urban area confines and a mile or so west of unincorporated Vail. Mt. Fagan in Corona de Tucson

Corona de Tucson is a growing rural area convenient to big urban area facilities and is easily obtainable from I-10.

As of the census of 2010, Corona de Tucson holds close to 6,000 residents.

Corona de Tucson Homes for Sale

The houses for sale vary from manufactured homes to custom homes in well-established developments.  There are a number of new construction sites actively building in the area.

Within close proximity to Tucson, there are many possibilities to appreciate cultural occasions and historic attractions. An outdoor way of life is the norm here and nearby spots offer yearly circular recreation.

Colossal Cave Mountain Park is known for its nationwide Register of Historic Places, and definitely worth exploring. The cave, one of the biggest dry caves in North America, was formally “discovered” in 1879, but items and soot-blackened ceilings show information technology was applied by prehistoric cultures. Charron Vineyards

Mt. Lemmon is a close and perfect getaway for winter, downhill skiing. The little-known Charron Vineyards is regarded as Southern Arizona’s oldest vineyards.

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