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Marana AZ Homes for Sale

Marana AZ Homes for Sale.  The Town of Marana was incorporated in 1977 and currently has approximately 37,000 residents.   With its proximity to Interstate 10 and around 90 miles from Phoenix, it is among the rapid growing communities in Arizona and poised to be a hub for the Tucson region.   This area has an extended and deep background with more than 4,200 years of continuous human occupancy.Marana

Long ago, prior to the discovery by the Spaniards during the 17th Century, the Hohokam people lived in the area.  They engineered impressive canal systems and used the water from the Santa Cruz River to irrigate their fields.

Nowadays, the area has changed from agrarian to a varied community with shopping, residential and commercial amenities. With vast quantities of available land still remaining of its 120 square miles, there is a lot of room for Marana to grow!

Individuals move to Marana for its close proximity to Tucson, family oriented communities, as well as the features a big town offers.  Yet, there stays a small-town lifestyle and several treasures. The elevation is listed as 2,000 feet, but Marana has a diverse landscape with areas nestled in hill ranges, along riverbanks, Saguaro National park and cotton fields.

Marana AZ Homes for Sale

Newcomers to Marana can pick from lower priced homes in Master Planned Communities constructed on the flat farm fields or the million-dollar homes of the golf resort communities, built-in the foothills of the Tortolita Mountains. In between these communities, one can find exceptional facilities, restaurants, parks and recreation services and industrial parks. In addition, large land areas of protected wilderness happens to be set apart for the conservation of endangered plants and creatures.

The Marana Unified School District encompasses 550 square miles which makes informational technology among one of the largest districts within the state. The district’s boundaries include several unincorporated communities and an ever-increasing wide range of residential developments. The Marana Unified District requires high quality employees as well as a high educational level designed to challenge and excel the student population.

Marana AZ is the type of place where people arrive and immediately want to place down roots. In their spare time, residents have a variety of recreational choices to benefit from. There are area rodeos, arts and social occasions, active parks and recreation and many other types of leisure opportunities.

Marana has ensured that a great amount of available land is managed, including over one hundred square miles of desert. Residents right here benefit from being near Tucson, enjoying all of this city’s features, employment possibilities and recreational choices, while living in a close-knit environment that maintains the feel of a small city.

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