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Tucson AZ Homes for Sale. Tucson is a mere sixty miles north of Mexico on I-10. It has grown into a modern-day metropolis of 900,000-plus residents without completely sacrificing its historic quarters. Equal components, school community and your retirement community, it’s one of the much more appealing larger towns and cities of the Southwest.

It also offers a small center, some enjoyable restaurants, and quite good nightlife, energized by the 37,000 pupils attending the University of Arizona. In addition there is some superb landscape within simple reach, from the forested flanks of Mount Lemmon to the rolling foothills of Saguaro National Park.Tucson-Arizona-city-lights

Tucson is home to many landmarks symbolizing a history that dates right back many years ago. One of the terrific things to do in Tucson that is a combination of both the indoor and outdoor is a tour among the local caves.

Tucson has two. The first, located right next to town into the Rincon Mountains is the Colossal Cave. This cave system has been open to the public for years.

Site visitors in the past made use of an entry of the cave and slid down a line to explore the big caves and paths. Fortunately today there is a walk in entrance that will take you to the cave that has already been used by lots of people over time.

The next cave, east of Tucson is Kartchner Caverns State Park. Only a quick drive away this cave system has never been available to the general public until recently; it has an extended background of innovative rock formations. Seeing nature in Tucson is always a fantastic idea, seeing nature while walking in a cool Tucson cave is even better.

There’s a wide variety of places to visit in Tucson.

Tucson AZ Homes for Sale

Sabino Canyon

Sabino Canyon provides a range of climbing tracks to explore the great outside.  There are places to stop and have a picnic.  If climbing is not your thing, you will find a tram solution readily offered to just take you into the canyon with guides narrating the trip.  In addition to the tram ride or hiking options is the variety of stops to go climbing or have a picnic.  An electronic camera is essential to capture the good things about nature in Sabino Canyon.

Tucson Botanical Gardens

The Tucson Botanical Gardens provide a variety of plants in a lush garden environment.  Information technology provides a variety of educational options.  Throughout the winter months, a highlight is Butterfly Secret, which includes an actual time display of butterflies from the tropics.

Mount Lemmon

If its snowfall you prefer, then Mount Lemmon is only moments away.  Situated in the Santa Catalina Mountains north of Tucson, Mount Lemmon has a ski resort should you decide enjoy snowboarding.  Summerhaven is a small area located near the entry of Mount Lemmon with little shops and spots to consume.  Mount Lemmon provides trails for all those who enjoy walking.  There’s also an astronomical observatory for research.

Old Tucson Studios

In the event that you have an appreciation of westerns, Old Tucson Studios is an outstanding site to see.  Detailed technology has a record of several western movies filmed on location.  It offers a motif park for the children.  Live shootouts provide activity.

University of Arizona

The University of Arizona offers a variety of activities.  Whether it’s a Wildcats basketball game, a theatrical production, exploring the background of the southwest at the Arizona State Museum or any of the broad range of informative options, the University of Arizona is certainly a location to see.

Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum

The Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum provides the opportunity to see many creatures in their particular all-natural backwoods habitat.  Detailed technology provides children and grownups alike, informative possibilities and guided tours.

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