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Tucson Condos and Tucson Townhomes for Sale are available throughout Southern Arizona.  Not only are condos and townhomes commonly less expensive than single family homes, they also possess particular benefits, such as fewer external maintenance and preservation, as well as neighborhood recreational amenities. They frequently have the added advantages of being in close proximity to restaurants, shopping, sports, and universities.

Several of Tucson Condos are refurbished apartments.  This offers our Tucson homeowners an additional option to invest in affordable property and put an end to paying rent.

Condos differ from townhomes in ownership.  When you own a condo, you own the interior structure and a percentage of the entire property.  If you own a townhome, you own the unit and only the attached property to the unit.

You can find condos and townhomes around Tucson starting at $13,000 and can sell as high as 1.3 million. The price of some condos and townhomes situated in exclusively designed gated communities can as much as a single family home. Some include similar amenities, such as living areas with stunning vistas and fireplaces, exquisite kitchen areas and bathrooms, as well as a neighborhood recreation center including a tennis courts, pool, and a health and fitness gym.

Those who choose to live in condos and townhomes enjoy the comforts, without the headaches of extensive yard work and pool maintenance.  Typically, HOA (Home Owners Association) dues are higher than for a single family home but generally cover several monthly fees such as trash collection and water.

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