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Vail School District

Situated in southeastern Tucson,Vail School District is rated one of the top school districts in Arizona. Many home buyers with kids are buying homes within the Vail School District. This school district continues to achieve exceptional ratings on nationwide school high test scores, making the Vail District schools a wise choice.

Both Cienega High School and Empire High School are rated 9 and 10 respectively on as of July 2013, an online site that rates schools on a 10-point scale with respect to reading, writing, mathematics and science.

Empire High School is the very first textbook-free public high school into the nation. Each student is offered a laptop computer and curriculum is made and sourced by teachers within the district. This innovative method concentrates on nurturing self-directed learners. The greater traditional Cienega High class has its very own benefits, including free Pima Community College courses.

Athletic opportunities at both schools include football, basketball, baseball, softball, tennis, track, cheer, volleyball and wrestling.

The Vail School District also caters to elementary and middle school-age children. Of the elementary schools with published reviews on in July 2013, all are rated a 9 or 10. Similarly, there are two middle schools in the region scoring a 9.

The Vail School District has earned a “straight A” report card from the Arizona Department of Education.

The nine Vail Schools, designated by the federal government as “low earnings”, scored as well or much better than other schools across the region. This continued success is attributed to relentless, district-wide focus on proven instructional practices, outstanding employees, strong area support, as well as solid management at the school, district and board level.

The Vail School District enrolls 12,000. Seven of the Vail School District schools are sponsored charter schools, allowing hybrid programs.

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