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La Paloma Homes for Sale – Tucson AZ

La Paloma Homes for Sale - Tucson

La Paloma Homes for Sale – Tucson AZ. La Paloma is a grand community in the Tucson area that is designed specifically as a luxury golf resort. Built at the foothills of the Santa Catalina Mountains, this community offers magnificent views of the surrounding mountain landscapes and the breathtaking sights of the city of Tucson.

La Paloma is divided into several small, elegant subdivisions, each boasting posh homes that speak of comfort and affluence. Homes at La Paloma are all built with a touch of impressive architectural design. There is a wide choice of homes built in the remarkable Southern style architecture, Contemporary style, and even Spanish Hacienda style. All homes are lavished with the amenities required for comfortable living.

The focal attraction at La Paloma is the majestic five star Westin La Paloma Resort. The imposing façade of the resort alone speaks volumes of the comfort and luxury that people may experience during their stay.

The Westin La Paloma Resort & Spas, a brand new degree of luxury in Tucson, Arizona. This iconic La Paloma resort is nestled on 250 acres into the large Sonoran Desert foothills of the Santa Catalina Mountains and features picturesque hills, an urban area and Tucson tennis program, all amidst spectacular wilderness landscape and animals. At Westin La Paloma Resort you can expect to feel refreshed and balanced within the magnificent, light-infused lobby of the La Paloma resort, designed with 3-storey arched windows that perfectly frame the stunning panorama of the Santa Catalina Mountains.

La Paloma Homes for Sale – Tucson AZ

La Paloma, being a golf resort, is equipped with a sprawling golf course that features state-of-the-art amenities. The golf course, along with all other amenities offered by La Paloma as well as the panoramic views of the mountains and Tucson City make La Paloma an extremely ideal place to live a peaceful and happy life.

La Paloma has neighboring subdivisions that are equally worth checking out. These include Skyline Homes, Ventana Canyon and Sabino Mountain.

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